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The old First National Bank Building, downtown Hope Arkansas, circa 2004
Bank Building, circa 2003

Hope Historic Postcard Collection

Postcards represent yet another media that enables us to visualize, and remember, the past.

Knowing the value that such cards possess in documenting Hope of the past, I have searched the Internet, but have found only a handful of small collections with only a few cards in each.

While there are no doubt larger physical private Hope postcard collections, I was not able to locate a substantial "virtual" collection easily accessible to everyone on the Internet.

Thus, this section attempts to build a more complete collection depicting the lifestyle and architecture of Hope Arkansas and Hempstead County during the first 70-80 years of the 20th Century.

It is hoped that its availability will provide another media contributing to the enjoyment and edification of those of you with Hope connections.

It is recognized that this is not a complete collection, and I encourage those with postcards not yet posted here to submit them for inclusion in the collection, thereby offering everyone with Hope connections an opportunity to enjoy, and appreciate, them.

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Hope Street Scene

Hempstead County Courthouse

Hempstead County Courthouse

Hope Street Scene

Hope Bird's Eye View

Garland School

First National Bank

Main Street Looking North

Perry's Congress Inn

Davis Tourist Court

First Baptist Church

Main Street

World's Largest Melon

Univ of Ark College of Agriculture, Hope

Residence Street

Carrigan Residence

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